In addition to our wide range of domestic beer, imported beer, sparkling cocktails, hard seltzers, ciders, and nationally-produced craft beers, Creekside Beer has dedicated a portion of our store to the best locally-brewed craft beers. You can pick up your favorite, try a new selection or build your own six-pack from it. The #DrinkPGH area of our store is the ultimate destination for craft beers in the area, with some of the finest products available from the local taprooms, and a selection that is unrivaled in the area. Our local craft beer brewing partners are listed below, but if you would like a more detailed look at these breweries, and why Creekside Beer is THE Destination for exceptional beer in Pittsburgh, check out our "Ultimate Guide to Local Craft Beer."

Creekside Beer also carries a large variety of exceptional and otherwise hyped-up beers with limited distribution. Some of these include:

We have all your favorites together in one place – no need to drive around hitting all the taprooms, and with weekly delivery from our supply partners, you can rest assured that these beers taste every bit as fantastic as they do at the brewery. While you're in the store, don't forget to check out our BeerWall in the walk-in cooler for an awesome selection of the best local brewed craft beer around.